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Sign-ups are now open for the first ever Homestuck Shipping Olympics!
The HSO is an event that brings fans together to create awesome stuff and hang out. You can participate by signing up with a livejournal account here and choosing which ship to support! Please only sign up if you can be polite and respectful about other ships; we want this to be a really fun experience for everybody. Sign-ups will be open from now until August 1.

Basically you get to hang out with a bunch of coolkids and make and see quality fanworks for your ship!

This is going to be totally awesome.
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18 July 2011 @ 08:56 pm
And the Pope is Catholic and yada yada.

But I do really want to at least keep track of my f-list and legit keep track of my....things.

So I ended up deleting a bunch of journal entries because of second hand embarrassment, some that I wanted to keep but was too quick on the mouse to take back. Oh well.

Maybe I'll just get a dreamwidth but how pathetic would that be...
24 March 2010 @ 11:08 pm

Also, I really want some sweets right now.

And today I got the best e-mail ever.

AND OH YEAH I'm going to the beach with a couple friends/acquaintances for the rest of Spring Break pretty much woooo. Did I get any work done at all? Of course not~
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10 March 2010 @ 04:23 pm
Whether you've chosen to have children or live child-free, how and when did you (or will you) reach this decision? If you're in a relationship, did you (or will you) decide separately or together?

I'm not sure how or when really, as far as I could remember I've always wanted kids at some point. Always adopted though, never through pregnancy. This is in part to a combination of a) being adopted and b) thinking that pregnancy looks rough as hell.

Also, marriage was never factor in when I wanted to have kids, not really. It wasn't until a couple years ago when I realized it was probably odd to want to have kids without getting married, or even just having a long term partner, first. This is mostly in part to being raised by single mom most of my life.

As for why I want to have kids in general, it's hard to specifically pinpoint. I like kids, and I think I'd be a good parent when I'm older. Also, there seems so much love and satisfaction in raising a child. It's difficult to really put into words.

I want to have a solid career and housing situation when I apply for a kid. As for being in a relationship, if I'm in a relationship, I'd hope they would want kids too and that we could plan together, but I won't make them stay with me if they don't want to raise a child. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to give up the chance of having a kid to stay with my partner. But I don't feel like I'd need a partner to raise a child, but it would help...

As for right now I'm only in high school, I'm not planning to worry about it too much.
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09 March 2010 @ 10:16 pm
AUGH Leg cramps are terrible. ;o;

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04 March 2010 @ 05:46 pm
Log of the Interesting Things of the Past Few Days

-got my ethnicity asked by the bus driver (in a friendly way, not a "I've got my eye on you" way)
-made a decision about a potentially life changing decision
-noticed how sore 80% of my body felt
-got knocked down in the hallway by a boy (and his backpack) who didn't see me behind him
-watched and snarked at Hamtaro (oh lord)
-tried for the first time taking a bus to my dance classes-failed terribly (took wrong bus, got lostish, had to get picked up by my mom)
-played Pokemon (aw yeah)
-told my mom I had a crush on a girl, went awkwardly but nicely uneventful
-got hit in the face with a basketball in PE, didn't hurt as bad as I would think it would
-got hit in the face again with a different, softer ball
-went a field trip down to hear Joe Bonamassa clinic. He was so cool, oh man, and totally awesome on the guitar.
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21 June 2009 @ 12:40 am
Why'd I get a lj when I will never post.?


Oh well, let's see what happens.
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